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Why Is This Book Remarkably Powerful
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"The Genius Within" book helps you uncover your genius and align your actions with your life's purpose

When you go through the masterfully designed action plan in the book, the exercises and impact models will give you the greatest accumulation of clues you will have ever had about who on earth you are and what on earth you're meant to do.

Discovering your Zone of Genius provides the clarity needed to move with greater confidence, courage, and convictionAnd this book will help you move deeply into your Zone so that you can start experiencing an “Aligned Abundance” that most people can only dream of. 

If you're struggling to create your ideal life...

If you are constantly in search of a deeper fulfilment...

If you want to make a massive impact while being aligned with your true self... 

Then this book was written for you!


I’m Here to Help You Find Your Genius Within

And Create Your Natural Pathway to Wealth, Fulfillment and Impact
Hi, my name is Mike Zeller, and I am obsessed with helping high achievers and entrepreneurs just like you to find their true alignment with the business they want to build and the life they want to live. 

In the past few years, I have started or partnered in over 20 ventures across multiple industries including technology, real estate, fashion, digital marketing and coaching. 

My ventures have done more than 100 million dollars in sales. But I have also lost over $1 million in bad business breaks, poor decisions and investments that didn't turn out the way I expected because I was playing out of alignment. 

And it's not about the financial loss, it's the emotional exhaustion from being in roles that were unfulfilling and poorly suited for me, that I went through that made me realize that I need to redefine what fulfillment looks like in my life.

Mentoring more than 300+ entrepreneurs and high achievers, I found that I wasn't alone. The core questions that came up, especially in seasons of transition or if the entrepreneur was unfulfilled:

1. How do I get my life back and do what I love?

2. How do I get out of all these meetings and responsibilities that drive me nuts to do what I'm really freaking great at?

3. Can it be easy, lucrative, and fun?  Can I actually do what I love, what I'm most talented at, and get compensated handsomely for it?

And that’s why I documented every step that I took to get out of that phase and get into my zone of genius.

As I worked with many entrepreneurs from busy moms, to single dudes ready to crush it, to executives leaving the corporate world, I found that extraordinary results come from people in extraordinarily right positions

I have condensed years of research and practice in “The Genius Within” book with some actionable groundbreaking models that will literally give you some of the best “aha” moments.  

So don’t waste anymore time. You deserve to find your genius. It's there. It's your deepest area of fulfillment, impact, and prosperity.  

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“It was life changing! I started to get more clarity & certainty around what I wanted to do.”
- AJ Mihrzad
"The Genius Within outlines the best practices to find fulfillment in your life AND be the most productive professional."
- Rebekah Panepinto

Are These B.S. Myths Stopping You From Finding Your True Genius?

You can be anything you want to be

You have an innate potential and a pathway that is uniquely yours to follow. I am not meant to be another Elon Musk or Lebron James. They possess certain unique talents that I don’t have, and that’s perfectly alright!

But I do possess my own unique gifts and a pathway that others don’t have.

You can get anywhere you want with hustle & grind

People who experience abundance are in extraordinarily right positions and they put their efforts in the direction where they will most likely succeed!

"Hustle and Grind" culture is okay for a season but it's a sure path to burnout.

It's too late for me to find my Zone of Genius and change my path

It's never too late to start living a life with a higher calling and purpose. And to do that it's critical to "Find Your Zone of Genius".
Once you get in that zone, you will build a pathway for yourself that will lead you to the most amount of wealth and fulfillment. 

Once you discover your true calling, success is guaranteed

There are many factors that contribute to living your true path and finding abundance: 

Who you surround yourself with, What are your values and passions, Are you working on $10 activities or $10,000 activities.

What Others Are Saying About Mike's Unique Approach To Finding Your Zone of Genius
"I went from making 0 to six figures in 6 moths!"
- Dr. Justin Moseley
"This has literally changed the trajectory of my business."
- Tamara Andress
"Everything changed in a matter of one day...when Mike walked me through the Genius process."
- Darren Peel

120+ Pages Fully Packed With Actionable Exercises, Breakthrough Models and So Much More…


the Genius Within Book 

is NOT For Everyone

  • It's Not For You if You Are Looking for a Shortcut
  • ​It's Not For Entrepreneurs with a Victim Mindset
  • ​It's Not For Half Committed Individuals
  • ​It's Not For BUSY Entrepreneurs Who Got No Time To Unlock Their Abundant Self


It's Specially Designed For
High Achievers & Entrepreneurs 
Who Want To Create Maximum Impact in this World By Following 
Their Natural Pathway To Wealth and Fulfillment.

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The path to discovering your Zone of Genius and creating wealth, impact and fulfilment isn’t easy, but it is WORTH IT! Once you live this life in alignment with your true path, You experience unlimited abundance and growth. 

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